Christmas in April

Chivan has completed his Christmas list early this year and I thought I’d share it. Now our family doesn’t make Santa a part of our celebrating, but he read this story about a boy who writes to Santa and thought he’d make that his writing project for the day. I left the ‘list’ as is though I must confess it doesn’t reflect too well on our spelling progress thus far in homeschooling, but oh well…here it is in all it’s glory.

“Dear Santa,
how are you. well lets get to bisnis. I whant a rocking horse, cars, flowers, a BiBle and a shocktchrooper, one hundred dollers, rocks, my own medill, and a reel tcheckers game. A histery book, my own Fort, gold, trophees, a wallit, a modersikle for kids. A globe, a toy gun and books lots of books. my own dog, a fish tank, and rings. A tub of icecream me for me. Mor wepkins anmals, my own cimputer, markers, a Flag, and a jet. A big tede bear. a big soda can, a pet lion, and a moovey I allways wanted to watch, and a watch. more paint, more books, and a choo choo train, and some paper and a shark and a perl nekles.”

(hmm…think we’d better start reminding him early on this year about the blessing of ‘giving’ rather than receiving or he’s going to be one disappointed little tyke come Christmas morning!)

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April 29, 2008 - 3:28 am

destiny - love yoor blog, you are so real, i just love it! i need to check it more often.. your boys are so handsome, and awesome senior shoot! you are so crazy talented!!

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