beanie craze II

Magenta newsboy beanie by Bonny from A Life Crocheted. Supporting her supports a college student…don’t you just love young business owners? The only money I ever made for myself when I was in college was when I worked at begging for my folks’ credit card (sheesh!) I have to hand it to students who work for themselves alongside of carrying a class load.

Charcoal and Black Visor Beanie by A Life Crocheted
This visor was so cool that once I pulled it out of my hat bag, it promptly transcended all size and gender restrictions. It was made for my 10 year old son but everytime I turned around someone else was wearing it, happy to have it on their head for a few minutes, and happy to smile for the camera. Oh, and I have to confirm this but Nic., the cutie with the flaming red bangs (trust me, under the visor, it’s sizzling RED) colored his hair with KOOL-AID. I know the drink is popular with kids (and my BFF :)) but I had NO clue it was this versatile. Not only does it stain your tongue vivid colors, but apparently it does your hair too. Not sure how he discovered how to do it… he may be a teen but even he is unlikely to have dipped his head in a bowlful of kool-aid for curiosity’s sake. Or maybe not…

Chocolate, camel & light blue ear-flap beanie by A Life Crocheted
(church kids can get a little fiesty, must be all the sugar they inhale at the snack table after services!)

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March 23, 2009 - 9:14 pm

Crystal - Amazing, once again. You make the most ordinary things “pop”. I love these pictures.

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