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Working in the wedding industry, I am constantly afforded the opportunity to rub shoulders with some amazingly creative people that are key to helping turn a wedding into an “extraordinary wedding!”   Recently I had a chance to work with Lindsey of Lulu Make-Up and was so impressed with her warm and capable professionalism and easy rapport with the girls she was working with that I contacted her after the wedding to see if she’d consider being interviewed for a blog post.  And she (in what I’m finding out is her customary way) responded with a warm and energized Yes.  What stood out to me most was her ease with working with different people and personalities, her confidence in her craft (the girls were able to share the look they wanted and then completely let go and trust that Lindsey would work her magic on them), and her quick smile and genuine sense of “i-love-what-i-do-and-am-thrilled-to-be-here” that exuded from her throughout the day.

Brides ask me how important I think it is to hire a professional make-up artist and I usually answer with a resounding “Yes Please!”  My reasons are simple, when a bride feels beautiful, it gives her an extra measure of confidence in front of a camera, and plain and simple, the photographs are better!   Here are some questions I had for Lindsey – if you have more, her contact information is down below, and I’m sure she’d be happy to answer them.


1.  How and when did your career as a make-up artist begin?
Right out of highschool (2001) I knew I wanted to work in the fashion industry and work creatively with people, which led me to makeup.

2.   Have you had any formal training?
I attended Joe Blasco and received certification in beauty makeup application

3.  How would you advise a bride about preparing her skin for her wedding day?
A couple of tips, 1. Make sure you don’t change any cleansing routines 2. Make sure to stay away from salty foods,  don’t drink any teas as this will make you retain water and make you appear puffy. drink lots of water.  3. Do not mess with any blemishes as this will only make it worse.

4.  How important is it to have a trial make-up session?
I think it is very beneficial to the bride, this way we can play with different looks to make sure you get exactly what you have been dreaming of for your big day.  It also helps with the fears or anxiety of the unknown.

5.  What do you consider the most important thing a bride should look for in a make-up artist?
Someone that is versatile in their portfolio and someone who is highly referred or has rave reviews.

6.  What basic touch-ups should a bride be doing throughout the day?
If you don’t have the artist stay for touchups throughout the day, I make sure the bride brings blotting papers, gloss, and some sort of  powder so she can stay looking fresh all day.

7.  How many weddings do you average a year?

8.  What is your signature look/style that sets you apart from other make-up artists.
My individual style as an artist is polished but not limited. I appreciate all looks from naturally flawless or pretty and flawed, to artistic or editorial.

9.  What are 3 beauty products that you couldn’t do without?
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer,  Nars blush duo and Benefit BADgal Lash

10.  How can a bride contact you for information about your services?
Email me at or visit my website at  Stop by and say hi on Facebook here

Thanks, Lindsey!

Facebook comments:

November 18, 2010 - 10:01 am

Lindsey - Thank you Shipra for all of the nice words and giving me the opportunity like this! You are a gem and are a phenomenal photographer and hope to work with your sweet spirit again soon! Thanks again, LuLu.

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