Monthly Archives: October 2008

new friends ~ augusta, maine

Yahoo!! Met some Christian homeschoolers!!! If you live in Maine then you know what a remarkable thing this is. Maine is beautiful and big and most people live miles away from anywhere so it’s difficult to organize getting together…but it happened. Oh yes it did! A bunch of gals and their nestlings all got together […]

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out and about ~ grateful daily

My rockin’ Mother-in-love and I went off by our lonesomes to explore around the countryside and get some fall foliage pictures. I ended up not taking very many shots (too brrr to get out of the jeep for very long, yup, I’m a cold weather wimp…) but we had a great time and found some […]

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innocence ~ grateful daily

He’s almost 10 and has never shown much curiosity about the ‘birds and bees’. Until now, girls are just beings you have to be gentler with (not by much, but just a little :)) Well since I’m pregnant, he’s had a few ‘how did it happen’ queries. So before Shawn and I sat down with […]

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laugh-out-loud ~ grateful daily

I love the sound of laughter. Who doesn’t, right? There’s something about loud belly laughing that just makes me so happy. I have the great joy of being married to a man who fills our home with laughter and we so enjoy seeing our boys crack up too. Personally I’m more moody and don’t tend […]

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time ~ grateful daily

I was just thinking today about how grateful I am to be able to stay home with the boys while they are still young. I don’t know that it’ll always be this way and I am so appreciative that I have the time with them now. It’s not always been an easy decision but ultimately, […]

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