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Can’t go out and take pics so I’ve been digging through summer 08 archives and found some gems of my Raveen. I was laid up in bed most of yesterday and not that I’m one to complain (as my husband falls to the floor rolling in laughter) but I was feeling bored and cranky. Raveen came in and held my face in his hands, (he’s done this since forever)looked deep in my eyes, and asked me if I was lonely and wanted him to lay with me. I am grateful today for those moments of tenderness.

I am also grateful for a husband who serves me. Shawn has gone over and beyond the call of duty since this semi-bed rest thing happened and treats me like I’m going to break if I get out of bed. Every meal has been cooked, every dish washed, every child cared for, every toy picked up, every everything done that needs doing, and he’s even been keeping up with homeschooling for me so I don’t get behind (hehe, Neil asked me when I would do school with them again because Dad works them tooooooo hard). I love him.

kissy pout or what?

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November 24, 2008 - 2:16 am

Life on The Rowland Ranch - Wowee!! I love that boy!!!!! Please..please, let’s start arranging!! I want him with the Rowland’s before he’s scooped up! And..I’m not too surprised about Shawn. He’s a pretty incredible guy..you know he’s one of my favorites! Not to mention..you ARE carrying his dream come true!! Love you and miss you!!!

November 26, 2008 - 5:05 am

Carel - You go Shawn!!! What a blessing to have a man like him by your side.

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