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magnets and bare-bottoms

I have a paper fetish. I am one of ‘those’ paper lovers that saves business cards for years simply because I like the font, who feels pain when someone RIPS through pretty packaging paper, and who can never go into Home Depot without spending at least 10 minutes in the aisle with the little paint […]

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beanie craze III

Charcoal and Williamsburg Blue Visor Beanie crafted with her own hands (which by the way she has sacrificed to arthritis in order to provide you with her fine hand-crocheted beanies!) by the talented Jay of Loopy 4 Ewe I don’t know how to explain it other than by holding testosterone at fault, but the guys […]

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beanie craze II

Magenta newsboy beanie by Bonny from A Life Crocheted. Supporting her supports a college student…don’t you just love young business owners? The only money I ever made for myself when I was in college was when I worked at begging for my folks’ credit card (sheesh!) I have to hand it to students who work […]

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beanie craze

LOTS to upload from today’s session with beanies. I have a slew of hats that I need to shoot photographs of and so I threw them all in a roomy tote and hauled them off to church with me today (after calling ahead and warning parents that I was coming armed with my camera). I […]

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Loopy 4 Ewe

Run, run, as fast as you can and snag one of these crocheted beanies from Loopy 4 Ewe… It supports home businesses, promotes hand-made crafts, saves the environment, and ends world hunger. Betcha never guessed a little beanie could do so much!

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