Merry Christmas

So instead of being productive and running any of a number of necessary Christmas errands, since I tend to avoid running of any kind, I am sitting here remembering what makes this year’s Christmas so meaningful and why I have reason to celebrate and not get caught up in a frenzy of stress.  Remembering what’s important is really important right now.  It’s funny how far, faaaaar different things are from the first Christmas Shawn and I celebrated together in our own home.  We had more lint in our pockets than anything else, and all we could afford was a 1 foot dwarf tree (artificial no less) that sat proudly up on our coffee table.  Weighted down with gold balls and ablaze with twinkling lights -a major fire-hazard but come on, it looked AWESOME, so what if we needed sunglasses to look at it!  No presents but so many dreams for the future.  We were so excited about being married and being adults and having our own Christmas traditions to start and follow over the years.

12 years later, I am in a different house, the tree is taller, and our family has changed and grown more than I could ever have foreseen.  This year saw the fulfillment of our dream of having a little princess.  After lots of hoping for some feminine gentility to even out the male coarseness in our home, Raenah came along.  I get to play with a doll again and it’s ever so much more fun than it was when I was a child.   We’re in a home that is daily filled with the sounds of laughter and love.  The boys are vibrant and happy and I am honestly so proud of the young men they are turning into.  I have a husband who loves me enough to let me push my icy feet against his warm ones at night without complaining.  Who knows me so well that when I say I’m grumpy about one thing, he knows the reason I’m not saying and knows how to make it all better.  I am living close to my sister and parents for the first time in years (& enjoying being cooked for by my mother every chance that I get:))  I am surrounded by people that bring me such joy and am more grateful for my blessings than I can express.

I hope your Christmas is filled with meaning and thankfulness too.  And joy, and peace. and cheer, and let’s not forget…christmas cookies.  Lots of them.

From our home to yours, Merry Christmas.  xo

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